Wonder Woman can be made into a movie, and this amazing short is proof

Warner Bros. often says it's "difficult" to make a movie about the world's best-known superheroine. Something tells me that if Warner Bros. ever gets its act together to make a Wonder Woman movie — and that's a big if — that it's not going to look half as awesome as this incredible, fan-made short.


It's directed by Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films (you may remember their recent and equally awesome Venom short) and stars Rileah Vanderbilt of Team Unicorn, and it features an excellent take on Wonder Woman's costume, features her fighting both men and monsters, and it includes basically everything you'd want or need in a WW movie distilled down into just over two minutes. So while making a Wonder Woman movie may be difficult for WB executives, it appears to be well within the capabilities of regular people. Sigh.

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That looks amazing.

But I can't get over the costume. It looks too goofy. Even a GOOD LOOKING Wonder Woman costume looks goofy.

And while we are on the subject, why is Wonder Woman wearing an American Flag as a costume when she is an Amazon?