Wonder Woman 1984's First Trailer Is Here to Bring Justice to the Reagan Era

Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman.
Image: Warner Bros.
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Diana’s back, this time in the glitz, glamor, and the glut of corruption of the 1980s. Greed is good, baby, though I imagine Wonder Woman might not agree.


Finally, after a far-too-long wait, the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman, is here, with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine back in tow as Wonder Woman and her best dude pal, Steve Trevor. They’re also joined by Kristen Wiig, who will be playing the classic Wonder Woman villain Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as businessman Maxwell Lord.

In this trailer, we get to see more about what Wonder Woman’s 1980s journey, at the late height of the Cold War, is going to look like. And it looks thrilling: beginning with Diana sharing her history, tentatively, with a friend, we’re introduced to the lush, flashy future of the 1980s, full of elegance and power and Wonder Woman kicking ass. Until, somehow, Steve Trevor returns, a revelation which seems to be related to Pascal’s sinister Maxwell Lord. Also, Diana uses her rope to...swing on the sky?! Like, literally on lightning? It’s pretty amazing. The period soundtrack is great, too.

Premiered during Comic Con Experience São Paulo, the trailer was shown at a panel featuring director Patty Jenkins and the rest of the cast. During the panel, Jenkins emphasized the big ‘80s aesthetics of the film, and proudly talked up the film’s stunt work, which relied on non-digital effects to replicate the imagery and vibe of film’s from the time period. 

Now that we know what to expect, the wait will be even more agonizing. Fortunately, it’s not that much longer: Wonder Woman 1984 comes out June 5, 2020.

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Angrier Geek

So she’s destroying the cameras to maintain the continuity of Justice League. I appreciate the detail, but fuck that movie.

And what I wouldn’t give for someone to use deeper 80's cuts to establish period. “Blue Monday” was used for Blonde Ambition too. There were other songs you know. And it was from ‘83 anyway.

So in the space of a week it’s been Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Mulan and the new Bond film showing us 2020 will be filled with a lot of badass women.