Wonder Woman 1984's Epic Opening Highlighted in New Featurette

Young Diana (Lilly Aspell) competing in Themyscira in Wonder Woman 1984.
Young Diana (Lilly Aspell) competing in Themyscira in Wonder Woman 1984.
Photo: Warner Bros.

The fact that people will get a chance to see Wonder Woman 1984 at all this year is pretty excellent. But it’s unfortunate that most of those people won’t get to see it in a theater, because director Patty Jenkins and her crew really threw everything into making the sequel a big, theatrical experience.


That much is obvious from a brand new featurette released by IMAX. Not only did Jenkins shoot Wonder Woman 1984 on film, she shot scenes in IMAX. Meaning, if this was 2019 and everyone was safe, you could go to an IMAX theater and see Wonder Woman 1984 in glorious IMAX projection. And it’s a shame that’s probably not possible now—I was lucky enough to see the film already, and the opening is beyond awe-inspiring. Five years down the road, I’d pay just to rewatch the first 10 minutes in IMAX. It looks, and sounds, that good.

You get a great look at the scene, and lots of talk from Jenkins and star Gal Gadot about the power of IMAX, in the featurette below.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits select theaters, and HBO Max, on December 25.

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When the theaters really reopen hopefully all these things will be rereleased.