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Woman's death from a 30-year-old bullet wound ruled a homicide

Illustration for article titled Womans death from a 30-year-old bullet wound ruled a homicide

In 1982, Linda J. Knauss was shot in a holdup outside a boutique in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This past week, she passed away due to complications from that old wound. That means that 30 years after being shot, Knauss perished as the result of a homicide.


Photo by Ben Brown.

The Lehigh County coroner ruled Knauss' death a homicide, opening an investigation into her death. No arrests have been made, but as there is no statute of limitations on murder, it may be possible that her shooter could be charged with murder. (Edit: Many folks are noting in the comments that many jurisdictions require the victim to die within a year and a day in order for the shooter to be charged with murder, so we'll have to see if that applies here.) I do wonder, however, how the medical care she received after being shot will figure in the legal calculus of her death.


Linda Knauss' death from 30-year-old bullet wound ruled homicide [WFMZ via Geekosystem]

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This is liberal prosecution at its best. For every complaint about the SCOUS undoing "cops hard work" there are ten of these guys looking for their shot at legal glory.

First, if she was shot thirty years ago, why wasn't the suspect caught THEN?? What has this glorious prosecutor been doing with his office?? Not catching bad guys.

I would venture the court will toss this out. The woman had THIRTY YEARS to recieve proper care. It's not the criminals fault the state and medical facilities didn't patch her up correctly. THEY called her "recovered" and stopped healing.

The bigger problem is the "cause and effect" precedent this sets. If you are going to charge this suspect with murder (instead of grievous bodily harm) when does it stop? Prosecutors are developing this nasty habit of "forever guilty". Where crime is a "scarlet letter" decades later and we change the rules every decade and "enhance" punishments.