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Woman on "Wife Swap" makes her surrogate family train for 2012

Illustration for article titled Woman on Wife Swap makes her surrogate family train for 2012

The reality show Wife Swap is total dross. Families exchange matriarchs for two weeks as camera crews record the anarchy. However, last Friday's episode struck comedy gold when a 2012 survivalist forced her new family to train for the apocalypse.


In the following clip, Dawn, a staunch 2012 believer, makes her adopted clan — a family whose daughter is a golf prodigy — train for the end of the world. "Apocalypse training" apparently means wearing matching camo shirts and making your dog don a flotation vest. Amazing television.


Incidentally, this episode came out the same weekend as this curious AFP piece, which claims that many Americans are readying themselves for the end times. Weirdly, the piece interviews only a handful of Gloomy Guses. When I read the article, I couldn't stop visualizing the interviewees as the characters from this Mr. Show sketch.

[Spotted on TV Squad.]

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Wait. People actually believe in 2012?

Reminds me of 1999 and all that survivalist nonsense about Y2k. There were folks in my small, midwestern town who were so paranoid that they bought 2 years' supplies of water and canned goods and built what amounted to bunkers on their property out of town. One of these survivalists was a prominent doctor at the local hospital.