Woman absolutely definitely undeniably gives birth to a horse in Nigeria

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Good news, media consumer! We've hit our daily annual quota of hysterical equine pregnancy stories for 2012! Time to bust out the Alizé and salt licks!

According to the Nigerian news site Nation Online, a woman worshipping at the World Liberation Ministry church in the state of Edo unloosed a hoofed bun in the oven thanks to what was probably a heavenly practical joke. Emphasis is ours:

It was gathered that the woman whose identity was not yet known started screaming during the prayer session and began to bleed from the vagina before the horse came out. The General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth [...] said as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and bleeding started when the object came out.

The cleric said he couldn't confirm whether the horse was dead or alive because he didn't go near it. "I can't describe the object. We have seen people that vomited several things during our service but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophesies and miracles," he said.


What are these "several things" yakked up by divine sanction? Breakfasts? Lost keys? Multiple Spears of Destiny? This? Such a glaring journalistic omission leaves us skeptical of this entire affair.


Via Arbroath. Non-Mr. Ed photo: Osagie Otabor.

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I'm sorry, but what is that even supposed to mean in a religious context? "Hoo-boy, I horked up something crazy! God LOVES/(HATES?) me!"

If that's a blessing, I'll just sit over here on the, "no, I'm fine with not horking/birthing bizarre things for the glory of God, thanks," bench.