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Wolverine's claws will be tempered with bushido, the Samurai code, in the forthcoming sequel. Based on the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont comic saga, Wolverine 2 already has a script and is gearing up to shoot early next year.


The Usual Suspects' scribe has turned in the completed Wolverine 2 screenplay, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But the site also reports that it's a "bit different" than they expected. Let's hope that doesn't mean "ruining Deadpool," like the previous movie.

But apparently the difference revolves around a love story with a Japanese actress. Which doesn't seem absurd, as Wolverine was quite partial to the Japanese character Itsu, whom he marries, and with whom he fathers a child named Daken.


The filming will no doubt end up in Japan sooner or later, as Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has been excited about shooting the sequel there since last year. We're optimistic, only because this storyline deals with an interesting phase in this character's life. But after last years ridiculous paint fights reports, we're not getting too excited until we find out who else is involved, including who's directing.

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