Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Everything changes at the end of Lost season four, and the first hints are below. Also, learn the identity of the man Wolverine fights his last desperate battle against, in his new solo movie. And eyewitness testimony reveals which enemy shows up in this year's Doctor Who Christmas speical, plus there's a promo clip from an upcoming episode. There's also a new fan video of the filming of Star Trek and a new image from Will Smith's superhero comedy Hancock. All this, plus new hints for X-Files 2, Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. Just remember, when you stare into the spoilers, the spoilers also stare into you.

Star Trek:

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot has been filming in Bakersfield, in a farm that's supposed to look like Iowa — presumably where Kirk grew up. And here's some video of the filming, which shows a 1960s Corvette, which seems to have a woman and a boy (young Kirk?) driving. [TrekMovie]



Here's a new promo still from July 2's Hancock, which shows Will Smith's superhero doing "more harm than good." [USA Today]


A German fan hiking in New Zealand got to watch some of the filming for the Wolverine solo movie, and took pictures of a barn being blown up, and Wolverine on a motorcycle. You can view the pictures here. [Goliath]


Also, British actor and martial artist Scott Adkins will play Weapon 11 — the next most advanced military experiment after Wolverine's Weapon X — and will fight Wolverine in a spectacular end-sequence in the X-men spin-off, due in 2009. [IGN]

X-Files 2:

The new X-Files movie includes a good priest (Billy Connoly) and a bad priest, plus genetic engineering and organ harvesting. It also includes a "horrific disease" and a warped cult. One major character is an eleven-year-old in a wheelchair, and someone's head gets cut off, according to rumors from semi-reliable sources. [Westender]

Doctor Who:

In Doctor Who season four episode four, "The Sontaran Strategem," Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to Earth (using her cell phone?) The ATMOS devices are spreading all over the world, and even Martha's own family may not be safe. It may already be too late to save the Joneses. [SpoilerTV]


Meanwhile, the Doctor Who Christmas special is already filming, and as you've heard, it takes place in Victorian London. One scene today in a snowy graveyard involved a woman in red, a vicar and a bunch of other Victorians running from a pyre.


And then some Cybermen attack the Victorians and "delete" a whole bunch of them by grabbing their necks. They look exactly like the "Cybus Industries" Cybermen from season two. Plus, there are some other weird-looking "Wraith Cybermen," who have feathery cloaks and weird-looking cyber-heads that are more like rust or bronze, with the handles in a diamond shape. The "Wraith Cybermen" appear to be working with the regular Cybermen. [Planet Gallifrey]

And here's a new preview clip from Saturday's episode:


The latest Entertainment Weekly includes tons of info on the final five (or six, possibly) episodes of Lost season four.


The show was shooting its next episode, "The Shape Of Things To Come," in a rock quarry, and Michael Emerson (Ben) says he's in an "all-Ben extravaganza" that includes "combat, riding horses, foreign languages. And piano playing!" The episode is a flash-forward focusing on Ben's war with Charles Widmore, and as we've reported it includes the funeral of Sayid's old flame Nadia. And we learn something new about the smoke monster. It'll also start a major turning-point storyline for Claire that carries on for the remaining four episodes.

As for the rest of the season, in addition to learning how the Oceanic Six got off the island, we'll find out who was in that coffin, what happened to those left behind, and why future Sayid is Ben's hit-bitch. The only flash-back will be "mythically significant" and (probably) feature Locke. (We already reported on the filming of what seemed to be Locke's birth.) We'll see a new Dharma station called the Orchid, with three lvels — and it sheds some more light on the island's time-warping properties. Penelope, Matthew Abaddon and Nestor Carbonell will turn up. But we won't learn more about Farraday and Miles until next year, thanks to the writers' strike.


That "spectacular" kiss we keep hearing about in the season finale? Will complicate the Jake-Kate-Saywer triangle. And the finale's revelations will underscore just how hard it will be for future Jack to get back to the island. The season-ending plot twist, code-named "Frozen Donkey Wheel," will set up another reinvention of the show's premise. And at some point, we may no longer have flashbacks or flashforwards. [Entertainment Weekly]

Battlestar Galactica:

To nobody's surprise, TV Guide posted the following description for next week's Battlestar Galactica episode: "Cally learns the truth about Tyrol." Just a reminder that you probably shouldn't be getting to attached to Cally.


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