Wolverine Will High-Kick Your Face Off, In Origins Video Game

Wolverine's video game is slowly releasing images and a website. Will this be the gory mess that our knuckle-bladed anti-hero deserves? See for yourself.


The latest site for Wolverine's video game is up and running, and thanks to 1up magazine, we've got a still from the inside.

The game, which explores Woverine's past much like the movie (including one helicopter jumping scene), is supposedly super-graphic (but not yet rated). According to 1up, Wolverine has real time healing powers, and will fight Sentinel robots and many many other X-Men haters.

For example about the magnificent healing power:

Wolverine regularly loses chunks of his flesh (and his shirt) in combat, and Raven's given him full muscle and bone layers under his skin, which means taking damage will open up bloody wounds in the appropriate places (while a "bruise map" makes the transition between healthy and damaged skin less jarring). Take a shotgun blast to the chest, and you'll see the macabre results; screw up while free-falling between a series of midair helicopters (a particularly cool sequence) and Wolverine will shred himself into a bloody mess on the blades. Such reckless actions would have grim consequences in most games, but Origins makes surviving a gratifying regularity. Simply avoid taking damage for a few moments — or stand still and zoom in the camera for added effect — and watch gaping wounds seal right up.


Woverine Origins the video game will be released in May 2009 and will be released on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Wii. Please let me know that we can go flicky flicky slash like Wolverine with the Wii controller.



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