Wolverine Rides A Helicopter Of Hate — Now In HD

See our hairy friend Wolvie stop a motorcycle with his claws, slice open a truck and jump mid explosion onto a helicopter, all in high definition glory in the Wolverine Origins trailer.

Not only is this action completely bonkers, we get to see Gambit bring the baton twirling pain, a better look at Ryan Reynolds as a not-so-hideous Deadpool, and that guy with the hat.

But most important were the Liev Schreiber fight scenes which we've been talking about at great length. You can see one Victor Creed bound towards Wolverine alone with a lot of close ups on Sabretooth's gnarly nails. So far it looks like the fighting scenes are a little slowmo, and the bounding threw me a little, but this was just the beginning. I need to see that part where they really beat the hell out of one another to judge.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be out on May 1, 2009. [Wolverine on MySpace]


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