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Rumor has it X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going through extensive, pull-out-all-the-stops re-shoots. Plus, veteran director Richard Donner has been spotted moseying around the set. Is Wolverine getting another pair of eyes?

Fox is putting everyone back on set, according to Collider. The whole movie is getting a huge makeover, which is terrifying considering the all of the stories about unhappiness between director Gavin Hood and Fox execs, including that report that the studio came in and repainted a key set behind Hood's back.


If the reports are true, the reshoots could mean one of two things: Fox is serious about making real money and wants to compete with the big comic-book movies. Which could mean taking the whole project much more seriously, making the storyline darker, or just adding much more brutal ass-kickery. On the other hand, all this new attention could mean that everyone sees how terrible the film looks, and they're desperately trying to bail out a sinking ship.

Then there's the matter of Richard Donner appearing on set. The Goonies director and X-Men producer may be brought on to "save" Wolverine, but is it too late?

Either way I'm glad Fox is going the extra mile — hopefully all this extra time will result in a film that won't make us want to stab our eyes out with adamantium claws.



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