Wolverine Film Has Child Molester, But Not Much Else

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Wolverine may have a healing factor, but bad movies don't. His solo vehicle, starring Hugh Jackman, is set to begin filming next month. The film has suffered multiple setbacks, including scheduling problems, changes in filming location, casting issues, and a script that was rushed light-speed into completion in order to beat the writer's strike.

The latest news: Robert Knepper, who played the aptly named child molester T-Bag on Prison Break, will play a major villain. Possibly Sabretooth, the shaggy monster played by former wrestler Tyler Mane in the first X-Men movie. Other than that, casting for the film seems to be a mystery.

While Brian Cox was firmly tied to Wolverine's background as William Stryker in X-Men 2, the studio has been talking to Liev Schreiber about taking the role over, since this film is set seventeen years before the first X-Men film. Cox was willing to take the role back, and was hoping they could make him look younger via CGI, like they did with Professor Xavier and Magneto in X-Men 3. Although, that scene made them look like smooth-skinned mannequins that were shot on a lens coated in vaseline. Yuck.

The film aims to answer questions about his background, which was also the theme that ran through the first two films. However, that's about the only thing it has going for it right now. Fox announced that the title has been officially changed from Wolverine to X-Men Origins: Wolverine for reasons we can't understand. Maybe Fox equates movie success with the amount of space the title takes up on a marquee.


How in the world will this film be ready when they turn the cameras on in just a few weeks? Thanks to the writer's strike, there won't be any "day of" rewrites going on. If they encounter any messy problems, they're just going to have to try and do what Hollywood does best: fix it in post. We say, stick this back on the shelves and wait out the strike.

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