Wolverine and Spider-Man star in a remake of Freaky Friday

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Ultimate Spider-Man returns this week (newly renewed for a second season) and features a Wolverine crossover written by Brian Michael Bendis.


Young Justice takes the week off, but we've got the plenty of clips from Tron: Uprising, Adventure Time, The Legend of Korra, and more to fill the void.

As always, minor spoilers ahead!

Ultimate Spider-Man – "Freaky"

Brian Michael Bendis wrote this episode, a re-telling of the story from Ultimate Spider-Man #66. Wolverine and Spider-Man do the body switcheroo, Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan (or Barbara Harris/Jodie Foster) style.

The second clip is pretty funny, with Wolverine trolling on Spider-Man. Nick Fury shows up in the clip, with Magneto and and Sabretooth making appearances in the episode as well.


Tron: Uprising – "The Renegade, Part 2"

This episode kicks off with a disc duel between Beck and a friend, with Beck not looking too good. In this clip, we see both engage in a political parlay to strengthen the rebellion.

Meanwhile, Zed and Mara look for the Chief's missing bike, which Zed loss to a girl at a club. We also see a certain spoilery individual make a visit to a prisoner.

Adventure Time – "Beyond This Earthly Realm"

Finn gets trapped inside of a porcelain lamb that he found in a mystery cave (I can't believe I just typed this sentence).


This magical lamb sends Finn to the spirit world, where he is forced to watch Jake memorialize him in all the wrong ways.

Dan Vs. – "Gigundo-Mart"

This episode finds Dan angered about the opening of a new wholesale superstore in his neighborhood and its influence on his friend Chris, who is buying very large quantities of useless condiments.


In this clip (from last week) we see Dan trying to make it past a Gigundo-Mart greeter without a membership card and learn that Dan's crowbar is almost worn to the nub.

Regular Show – "Muscle Mentor"

Rigby wants to slack off and get coffee after lunch, so Benson arranges for Muscle Man to mentor Rigby and make him a better person.


Somehow, becoming a better person involves Ribgy being strapped to Muscle Man's chest in an uncomfortable looking baby carrier, complete with rip chord release. I went to Buy Buy Baby, but couldn't locate this infant carrier, so I will be mentoring no one.

The Legend of Korra – "Turning the Tides"

Korra is recovering from her time imprisoned by Tarrlok, chowing down on some food while providing some interesting info about her captor to Tenzin.

All of these events, however, play into Amon's plans. The Equalists' leader is becoming more bold as he recently removed Tarrlok's bending powers.


Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters - "The Natural: Part 3"

This episode finishes off the three part opening story arc for Kaijudo, with the Duel Masters discovering that one of Choten's emissaries has released a deadly threat inside the temple.


This clip shows the Duel Masters getting up close and personal with some otherworldly creatures.

Thundercats – "What Lies Above, Pt. 2"

The second part of "What Lies Above" airs this week, as the Thundercats join forces with Vultaire in an amazing A New Hope-esque fighter battle amidst the airspace of the Bespin-like city of Avista.

The second clip shows Mumm-Ra (with one power stone) facing off against Lion-O (he's got two), as the duo fights to reunite the trio of stones.


This episode marks the season finale of Thundercats, but hopefully some more episodes are on the way.

Top image courtesy of Disney XD. The Legend of Korra airs Saturday mornings on Nickelodeon. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Dan Vs. and Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters air Saturdays on The Hub. Tron: Uprising airs Thursday nights on Disney XD while Ultimate Spider-man airs Sunday mornings on the same channel. Thundercats airs Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network, so turn your television on.


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I hope that episode ends the way the comic did: Spider-Man verbally abusing the X-Men and leaping off in a huff, after it's revealed Jean Grey swapped their personalities to punish Wolverine for hitting on her.