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X-Men Origins: Wolverine's success means the sequel has already been greenlit, and it's looking like the story we've been waiting for all along: the one with the ninjas. But that's not the only Wolverine sequel.


Variety reports that work has already started on a sequel (Will it be called X-Men Not-So-Origins: Wolverine, I wonder?), and that it will focus on Logan's stay in Japan, where he tries to calm his savage side and learn the way of the samurai despite being surrounded by ninjas and organized crime. No writer has been hired to script yet, but I'm sure that discussions are already taking place on how many X-Men B-list characters can be awkwardly shoehorned into the movie.

Meanwhile, Variety is also reporting that Fox has already given a greenlight to a spin-off movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, the "merc with a mouth," in the wake of his post-credits scene at the end of Wolverine. Will he still have the eye-blasts and teleportation?


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