Wolfwalkers Is Bringing Lush Forest Magic to Apple TV

From Wolfwalkers.
From Wolfwalkers.
Screenshot: Apple TV/YouTube
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From the creatives behind animated films Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers is on its way to a limited theatrical run and onto Apple TV.

Meet Robyn Goodfellowe, a young girl from a group of hunters, and Mebh, a mystic girl of the forest who might have the ability to turn into a wolf. Together, they end up on a journey, in the way that you do, and in this new trailer Wolfwalkers shows the world they’ll be journeying through with lush beauty.

The visuals here are absolutely striking, dense and sketchy traditional animation of a type that doesn’t get the feature-length treatment nearly often enough anymore. The way stuff moves in this trailer is just breathtaking—the sense of a still drawing lifting itself off the page of a children’s book and flying into the forest. Gosh.


If you’re as wowed by this footage as I am, you can see it during a limited theatrical run (note: don’t do this, don’t do this) starting November 13th, or wait until it hits Apple TV on December 11th. 

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Wow, looks really cool. I’m super interested in this.

it hits Apple TV on December 11th.

I have zero interest in this.