Wolfman Gets Down On All Fours To "Bound" Like Sabretooth

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Rumors of reshoots have been dogging the Wolf Man movie for months. Now we know the truth: instead of paying homage to the original film, the film-makers have reshot key scenes to put Benicio Del Toro on all fours.


Turns out the the reshoots have wrapped at last, and the key man-into-wolf transformation scene will no longer have the Wolfman running around on two legs. Instead it sounds like he will bound around, similar to X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Sabebretooth (and we all remembered how great that worked out for everyone.) And then he faces of a much fiercer CG-ed up werewolf. Yes that's right the crew that made a movie based on the Wolf Man now think the Wolfman is lame and did bounding reshoots, so the Wolf Man could be scarier and face off with a werewolf.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the 6-weeks of reshoots were due to the ridiculous notion that the wolfman didn't look good as an actual wolf man. Instead, they just decided to lump him on the pile of been-there-done-that, has-been crap, and turned their backs on classic monster representations of yesteryear, which allowed them to have a film in the first place. An actor from the movie Baz Bamigboye gave quotes saying

The Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft.

So they brought in a new director and a whole crew of CG artists to make sure this film will in no way shape or form stand from the pack of werewolf films Hollywood is churning out. And pinned the now boundier Wolf Man against a werewolf, because remember, the Wolf Man is lame, and CG werewolves are cool.

What better way to pay homage to the classics like Lon Chaney Jr., than by completely pissing all over it like a fire hydrant? What did Chaney and Michael J. Fox both have in common, besides their legendary pop culture status? They both walked on their hind legs. God spare me from another CG beast that looks just like the rest of the pack.


Aren't humans several million years evolved away from the limb proportions necessary for bounding? Fur, claws and teeth, OK, but longer arms?