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Witness the Everyday Life of a Teenage Monster in This Gorgeous Animated Short

All teenagers go through the same sort of experiences in life—high school woes, making friends, getting into schoolyard scraps. But when you’re a monster teen attending a human school, things can be a little different, as this beautiful animated short shows.


Welcome to My Life, created by Elizabeth Ito, is a documentary-style short released through Cartoon Network that follows a single day in the life of Douglas—or T-Kesh, as he likes to be known—as he goes to school. Except the difference from any other schoolkid’s day is that Douglas is the only monster in his class.

Aside from the fun premise (and some really well done voice acting that grounds the whole thing, even with a monster for a protagonist), what makes Welcome to My Life so fun to watch is the totally gorgeous art style, a mix of colorful 2D and 3D art with real-world backgrounds. It does a great job of conveying the shorts themes of finding the normal in the abnormal, and makes for a really amazing looking (and very chill) piece of animation.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I’ve seen a few people calling for this to be a whole series, which honestly kind of frightens me. The pilot is great, and a miniseries could be excellent, but I’m not sure if the style the short goes with would work as a whole series.

Sidenote: Infinity Train and AJ’s Infinite Summer are my favorites out of the CN pilots. I’m hoping Cartoon Network will attempt to find more genre shows. Steven Universe is great, and a revival of 2011 Thundercats or a new superhero property from Man of Action would be a welcome addition.