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If you've ever wondered just how the original Transformers were created - If they're robots, then surely someone built them, right? - then you have less than a year to wait for an answer, according to IDW's Transformers panel at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con. And that's not the only revelation you can expect about the robots in disguise.IDW are planning a wide variety of Transformers titles leading up the release of next summer's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen<.em> movie, amongst them Transformers: The Thirteen, a series written by longtime TF writer Simon Furman that promises to tell the secret origin of the thirteen original Transformers. Also on the schedule are Maximum Dinobots, Transformers: Revelation and, most importantly for movie fans, Transformers: Destiny, which bridges the first Shia LeBeouf vehicle with Revenge of The Fallen. For toy fans, however, the big news of the panel was the introduction of new character Drift from the new All Hail Megatron series; not only is Drift - a robot that transforms into a tricked out Japanese drift car - going to crossover into the regular "G1" Transformers continuity, he will also become the first character created for the comics to be made into a toy by Hasbro. Hopefully, that'll make up for the fact that Megatron's writer, Shane McCarthy, is gleefully killing off fan-favorite Autobots throughout his dystopic What If? series, although even that bloodthirst - well, oilthirst, really - seems to meet with the approval of fans; IDW's Chris Ryall told the crowd that the first issue of All Hail Megatron was the first Transformers title from the publisher to completely sell-out from distributors. Hopefully Michael Bay is paying attention, and Revenge of The Fallen will end with a similar downbeat ending for the heroic Autobots. I mean, who doesn't want to see Bumblebee get his metal ass handed to him? SDCC '08 - IDW's GI Joe/Transformers Panel [Newsarama]

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