Witness Project Popcorn, the Russian Mystery Science Theater 3000

Just how much does the Russian TV show Project Popcorn ape Mystery Science Theater 3000? Check out the theme song. Something tells me nobody from the original MST3K was consulted on this.

Even the plot appears to be ruthlessly cribbed from MST3K. In short, Stephen the protagonist needs money, so he signs up for an experiment run by the nefarious Professor Zamishlavkin. The Professor imprisons Stephen and forces his captive to watch bad films to study the effect on his psyche. Fortunately, Stephen is joined by a duo of plucky puppets — Fidel the penguin and Ketchup the dog — who keep his sanity in check. Here's an entire episode for your viewing pleasure.


I don't speak Russian, so I can't vouch for the quality of the humor, but the whole operation is dredging up memories of Worker and Parasite.

[Via MST3K Info — thanks, Ray!]

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