With This Giant Trampoline, Wales Is Officially My Summer Vacation

A network of three giant trampolines has been built in a quarry cave in the Welsh town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. You have to wear white overalls and helmets in it, so we're stupidly close to getting the world's largest game of Kosho going here.

Trampolines are awesome: it's all the fun of jumping on your bed, but without the property or personal damage that is sure to result. AND Bounce Below, as it's been names, also features slides. Plus, you get there by riding in a train. It's everything preschool me ever wanted.


This attraction was built by Zip World, and it has three trampolines, suspended between 20 to 180 feet high. Walkways connect the trampolines and the slides serve as exits. The whole thing is illuminated by blue, green, pink, and purple lights.

If you're going to be nearby this summer, Bounce Below opens in July. You can get tickets here.

[via My Modern Met]


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