With this Droid, I thee wed: an R2-D2 engagement ring

We've seen all manner of geeky engagement rings, from Starfleet insignias to companion cubes to TARDISes. But what sort of ring do you get for the Star Wars devotee in your life? One man designed an R2-D2-inspired engagement ring sure to send his girlfriend into happy beeps and whistles.

Graphic and tattoo artist Joe wanted a unique ring to give his girlfriend Emily when he proposed, so he worked through the site CustomMade, where he got in touch with Paul of Paul Michael Design. Together, they brought Joe's R2-D2 ring design to life, with settings and gems that evoke the little Droid. Once it was completed, Joe proposed to Emily on Halloween, while he was dressed as Charlie Brown and she as Lucy van Pelt. If the video is any indication, the proposal and ring went over quite well.


Love, Star Wars and an Amazing R2D2 Engagement Ring [CustomMade via Geekologie]


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