With "Midnight in Paris," Woody Allen does a time-travel urban fantasy

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Woody Allen's latest flick, Midnight in Paris, is a time-travel fantasy about a hack writer named Gil (Owen Wilson) who goes to Paris with his annoying wife — and discovers a bar that's stuck in the 1920s. Literally. The bar is a It's full of all the literary lights of 1920s expat Paris, from Gertrude Stein to Pablo Picasso and surrealist filmmaker Luis Bunuel.


As Gil's sucked more deeply into the 1920s literary scene, his writing gets better, but his relationships in the real world suffer. He's bickering with his wife and her family, and simply enduring the days so that he can make it to midnight and jump through the portal into the 1920s again.

Based on an early review from Cannes in the Hollywood Reporter, it sounds like this is a lighter version of Allen's beautifully dark fantasy Purple Rose of Cairo, about a woman in the 1930s (Mia Farrow) whose allure pulls a character off the movie screen and into the real world. Eventually, she has to choose between the actor who plays the character, and the character himself - just as Gil will no doubt have to choose between 1920s fantasy Paris and the reality of the world as it is.


It's one of the first Allen movies to get decent reviews in a while, and it could be a cute bit of urban fantasy from the director.

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As much as I like Allen, I'm not sure if I like him enough to make me sit through an Owen Wilson movie..... This whole modern comedy ratpack of Wilson, Stiller, Ferrel, Sandler et.al. is so incredibly NOT funny.......