With Daniel Craig's Bond On The Skids, Is Sam Worthington The Next Choice?

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Since the producers of the next Daniel Craig James Bond film put the brakes on their production due to the financial woes of MGM, people are already beginning to speculate on a full-fledged reboot. And they're betting on Sam Worthington.


The BBC is reporting that:

Bookmaker William Hill has made the 33-year-old 5/2 favorite to take over the role should Daniel Craig not return for his third installment in the series.


If this is a populist poll, we're all screwed. First because and foremost Craig is the epitome of a dashing, sexy modern-day James Bond, and Worthington just isn't in the same league. Second, the next film was supposed to have Rachel Weisz in it — the one actress everyone has been dying to see in Bond girl attire and, ahem, positions. We're sure recasting with a younger Worthington only ups the chances of a Hillary Duff Bond Girl, and I known none of us want to see that happen.

Also in the bookie running for the next Bond are Christian Bale and Will Smith.

And for those of you that think this is crazy talk, don't forget, past Bond lulls in production have lead to many 007 recastings. It could happen. Let's just make sure the next Bond isn't a charisma-challenged Australian, please.

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Hmmm.... Ok, first of all. No.

Daniel Craig is right up there with Sean Connery as far as Bond goes. The article says as much. He's got an edge, he's dangerous, yet he's suave, charming, and funny... which is more than we can say for some of the other Bonds (Moore, Brosnon, etc.).

Secondly.... What is up with this obsession to rebooting franchises every 3-6 years?? Just stop already and invest in the storylines you've created. Long term planning is your friend.

I really hate Hollywood most days.

Thirdly, a black James Bond would be awesome, if they got the casting right. I'm not sure Will Smith would be the guy, however.