With 4th Season Confirmed, Eureka's Mad-Science Troubles Are Just Beginning

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Fans of adorable exploding robo-dogs, the nerdy Fargo, and the pleasant foibles of Eureka's townsfolk, rejoice. A fourth season is confirmed — Sheriff Carter himself called into the Con panel to make sure he still had a job.


During a spur-of-the-moment phone call to lead actor Colin Ferguson, currently in Bulgaria filming Lake Placid 3 for SyFy, moderator Josh Gates asked Ferguson if he had any question for the thousands of fans in the panel's audience, but his only question was for SyFy senior VP Mark Stern — is there going to be a fourth season of the hit show?

"We weren't going to announce it this way," said Stern , begrudgingly shuffling to the microphone, "but we are gonna be doing 22 episodes for season four. We would love at least one if not two of those episodes to be a musical," he added. "I'll take a smaller role on those episodes," Ferguson responded.

Separately, show creator Jaime Paglia talked about where those amazing-looking malfunctioning gadgets come from:

It's all the amazing artists at Zoic who do our effects.. they did Battlestar.. they love the show and they get to do something new every week... the writers, we have a couple line description about some device, but they actually have to go and create it, that's all them. Obviously they give us different iterations of it, but they make the show so much better than we could.

Fans can also look forward to a new character arriving in Eureka this season: newcomer Tess, who creates a love triangle between herself, Allison and Carter.

"Sally's character and my character were old buddies. I suppose they got their PhDs together and they were roommates in college... I didn't come looking for love but I guess that's what I ended up with," says recent cast addition Jamie Ray Newton of her character.


And while fans are welcoming this new character into the Eureka community, they'll also see a friendly face return; as exclusively revealed in yesterday's panel, fan favorite Taggart is returning to the show.


Lake Placid 3? Is he smoking crack?