Wistful music video about a rocket scientist's greatest invention

Indie band Radiophonic has just released this terrific music video for their single, "Sunrise Over Venus," from their debut album, I Could Have Been A Rocket Scientist.

Video director (and bassist) Daniel Loyd says:

It's 'fantastical sci-fi', as the story focuses on an intrepid backyard rocket scientist and his attempts to send his dreams into orbit - often at a cost hidden to himself. The production was a labor of love that lasted well over a year.


I love the band's sound, sort of an early-1980s Rush. Plus, who can resist the story of a guy building a spaceship?

So what's next for Radiophonic? Loyd says:

The band is regrouping for album #2, with an eye for releasing new music in 2012. We're not currently touring due to family and day job commitments, but one should never fight the future. The video is a continuation of the story in our cover art, and we produced a companion PDF for the liner notes that you can download.

Find out more about Radiophonic on their website.

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