Winter is coming, and so are Game of Thrones action figures

Well, finally! Funko — makers of bobbleheads and those PoP! vinyl figures that are all the craze nowadays — has all but announced they've received the official Game of Thrones toy license. They'll be part of Funko's all-new Legacy line of 6-inch action figures, which will be revealed at next year's NY Toy Fair.

Before you get too excited, you should know that Funko has never made realistic-looking action figures before, so we have no idea how these things will look — they could be phenomenal, they could be terrible, or they could even be just okay. On the other hand, Funko recently announced the Firefly license, presumably for their PoP! line... but the company is already teasing other major action figure announcements. Anybody have any interest in a potential 6-inch Firefly toyline? Hmm?


[Via Poe Ghostal]

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