Winter Is Coming, and It’s Going to be Double Stuffed and Surrounded by Cookies

There could be Oreos on that table. You don’t know.
There could be Oreos on that table. You don’t know.
Image: HBO
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The brand deal to end all brand deals. The greatest cookies to come over the wall, the cream stuffing that shall sit on the Iron Throne forevermore. You know nothing, Nabisco. Etc. Etc.


That’s right: Oreos are coming to Westeros. To usher in the final season of Game of Thrones, we’ve got before us the most incongruous merchandising deal I’ve seen in some time: Game of Thrones branded Oreos. Let us listen, now, to a song of ice and cookies.

I’m a connoisseur of weird brand deals, and this one is just my cup of tea. What else conjures the dread, the tension, the tragic grandeur of the end of Game of Thrones than chocolate cookies with frosting in the middle? It’s such an elegant mixture of seriousness and total consumerist nonsense. It’s perfect.

According to leaks (yes, there are Oreo leaks!) on Instagram, these Oreos won’t be exclusive to any store, and are just normal Oreos in very grim packaging.

Also, sorry, I don’t actually know if they’re double stuffed or not.

Game of Thrones premieres its final season on April 14, and these Oreos will likely hit stores before that.


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Fun fact- Hydrox came first- Oreo was the off-brand ripoff.