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Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you like it enough to, say, walk around the Alps for 13 hours in a very specific and intricate pattern? If you, you might be crazily dedicated snow artist Simon Beck.


To celebrate the impending arrival of Game of Thrones season six, UK TV network Sky (who airs the show in the country) tasked Beck with creating a tribute to the series by making his way up the Alps, and then carving a giant piece of art into the snowy plains that blanket the mountain range.

Asking someone to climb up a mountain for your TV show seems a bit much in the first place, but then to spend a whopping 13 hours trudging through snow to carve out a ridiculously detailed rendition of the House Stark sigil on top of that? It’s absurd, especially when you realize that this wasn’t made with any tools but Beck’s own feet: he walked 64, 800 steps through over 20 miles of snow (32.5 kilometers) to map out his gigantic Direwolf head, as well as the “Winter is Coming” motto underneath it.


It’s hard to deny the results aren’t incredible when you see the camera pan out and reveal the full thing. And it’s good to know winter is good for something other than White Walkers.

[Sky Atlantic via Digital Spy]

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