Here's the thing that's really weird about Stan Winston's involvement in the Star Wars Holiday Special, a show so bad that George Lucas has said he wishes he could personally smash every copy. You'd think Winston would have been primarily interested in the creatures, or maybe the costumes. But no. He was helping out with the crazy music stuff too. He'd worked on The Wiz (below, showing off his makeup effects), and on a Diana Ross special for TV. So the guy was pretty much into the whole thing: furry-ass creatures, and shiny weird music. Here's a great scene from the show, where Darth's pals come to search Chewie's house and somehow we manage to transition into this song. What band is this??? I have no idea. All I can say is that if you need to see the whole special, complete with television commercials from when if first aired, you can check it out on Google video while supplies last.

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