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On Tuesday, we promised we'd send you Zune packed with the the entire fourth season of Battlestar Galactica if you wrote an awesome caption for this image. Now we've got our winner (plus runners-up)!


The winner of the Zune is Joey Comeau, for this caption:

Well, I think we've side-stepped our uncanny valley worries.

And here are the runners-up, who get nothing other than our undying love:


Unfortunately, this beta cylon will be destroyed by the lower quality, cheaper VHS cylon.



"Damn you Ikea and your crappy assembly instructions! This looks nothing like the Lundberg ottoman I ordered!"


"First, I teach it to walk. Then, I teach it to kill. Finally, I teach it to have sex with me. Those are my three laws. Suck it, Asimov."



150,000 years ago the cylons were the original creators of the Marx brothers' Mirror Scene.


And then there's the Punner-Up, jesussatan, who gets an appreciative groan:

robots don't breakdance. they listen to heavy metal.

Thanks to intern Alyssa Johnson, who read through every single entry! Read them all for yourself here.


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