Win this delightful Sharktopus plushie!

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You know that the adorable, limb-chomping beast from Sharktopus was destined to be a plushie, and now you can have one of your very own. Just enter our Sharktocontest to win it, plus DVDs of Syfy classics Sharktopus and Dinoshark.

Thanks to the friendly folks at Anchor Bay, distributors of these fine films, three winners can continue the shark-related polymorphous madness.

Sharktopus is already out on DVD/Blu-Ray, and here's a little reminder of why it's one of Syfy's all-time greatest "send Roger Corman on a Mexican vacation" investments.

Dinoshark comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray April 26, so if you win this contest you could have the DVD before all your friends do. Yes indeed.


Here's how to win! First, you need to have an address in the United States where we can ship your prize. Second, you need to write the paragraph (3 sentences or more) that comes after this sentence:

When Sharktopus fell in love, it was a mild spring day.

Write the paragraph in the comment section below. You have 24 hours - contest closes at 2:30 PST on April 12. Check back on the site at 2:30 PST on April 13 for our three winners - we'll have details then about how to get your address to Anchor Bay so they can send you your prizes!

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crashedpc /sarcasm

How much of a paragraph? Six lines?

Also, I read that as Anchor Steam. I really need a vacation.