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The massive Stargate props auction has begun. And to celebrate, we're giving away a piece of a real Stargate!


Stargate Artifacts is hosting a Staragate auction via ebay. They are literally cleaning house on props from Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. Everything from Teal'c's working Jaffa serpent head to Jack O'Neil's sunglasses is up for bidding. Yes, there is a fully "working" Stargate also up for grabs. Personally, I'd like the Serpent Guard Helmet.

To celebrate we have our own little giveaway:

A production made piece of the Pegasus Galaxy Atlantis Stargate, created for Stargate Atlantis. This section is a piece that was cut off during assembly. Measures 40 in long by 12 in wide by 4 in deep.


Want to own it? All you have to do is explain in comments why you want the prop, why you deserve the prop, and what you will do with the prop - and this piece could be yours! I will select the most creative answer, although feel free to help me pick commenters.

UPDATE: The contest is closed. The winner will be announced tomorrow by me. Thank you all for your amazing Stargate stories.

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