Win An Actual Piece Of The Pegasus Stargate

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The massive Stargate props auction has begun. And to celebrate, we're giving away a piece of a real Stargate!


Stargate Artifacts is hosting a Staragate auction via ebay. They are literally cleaning house on props from Stargate Atlantis and SG-1. Everything from Teal'c's working Jaffa serpent head to Jack O'Neil's sunglasses is up for bidding. Yes, there is a fully "working" Stargate also up for grabs. Personally, I'd like the Serpent Guard Helmet.

To celebrate we have our own little giveaway:

A production made piece of the Pegasus Galaxy Atlantis Stargate, created for Stargate Atlantis. This section is a piece that was cut off during assembly. Measures 40 in long by 12 in wide by 4 in deep.


Want to own it? All you have to do is explain in comments why you want the prop, why you deserve the prop, and what you will do with the prop - and this piece could be yours! I will select the most creative answer, although feel free to help me pick commenters.

UPDATE: The contest is closed. The winner will be announced tomorrow by me. Thank you all for your amazing Stargate stories.

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قيل لي ان تأتي الى هنا لاستعادة آخر قطعة من البوابة نجمة. وقال اللفتنانت كولونيل كارتر قال انه لا بد أن تجري من خلال وسيط. أنا لا أفهم تماما لكنها قالت انها ستكون مرتبة وأود أن يفوز في مسابقة المهارات لها على العالم. وقالت أن هذه الأداة القوية جدا سيكون محميا من قبل السماح للآخرين يعتقدون أنها كانت جزءا من قصص تتحرك شعبها العبادة. كارتر ضحك عندما قلت ان وسألتها اذا كانت "العبادة" هي كلمة خاطئة لكنها مجرد ضحك مرة أخرى وقال : "ربما كنت على حق".

نحن يجب أن يكون هذا آخر قطعة من بوابة نجمة حتى نتمكن من العودة الى ديارهم ، وأخيرا أن يكون مع إخواننا وأخواتنا من جديد. بمجرد أن يكون ذلك ، فإننا سوف نترك هذا المكان. ولكنني كثيرا نريد ان نظهر لسكان هذا العالم ان قصصهم صحيحا! نفعل السباق من خلال هذه البوابات إلى عوالم أخرى. نرى أشياء رائعة ومدهشة. ربما هذا ميريديث امرأة ينقلنا من القطع الأثرية وسوف يرغب في أن يأتي معنا.

Translated from Ancient Egyptian:

I was told to come here to retrieve the last piece of the chapa'ai. Lt. Colonel Carter said it would have to be conducted through an intermediary. I do not quite understand but she said it would be arranged that I would win a contest of skill on her world. She said that this very powerful artifact would be protected by allowing others to believe it was part of the moving stories her people worship. Carter laughed when I said that and I asked her if "worship" was the wrong word but she just laughed again and said "You're probably right."

We must have this last piece of chapa'ai so we can finally go home and be with our brothers and sisters again. As soon as I have it, we will leave this place. But I so much want to show the inhabitants of this world that their stories are true! We do race through these gates to other worlds. We see things wonderful and amazing. Perhaps this woman Meredith who brings us the artifact will wish to come with us.