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Win a Ticket to io9's Tenth Anniversary Party, This Thursday in New York City! (Update: It's Over)

Illustration for article titled Win a Ticket to io9s Tenth Anniversary Party, This Thursday in New York City! (Update: Its Over)

Update: Sorry, all spots have been claimed and Golden Tickets have been found.

We’re still celebrating io9's Big 1-0, but now you can, too. If you live in the New York City area, are of drinking age, and want to come party with us this Thursday evening, January 18, email us at—and give us your full name and confirmation that you’re 21 or older. The first 25 people to respond will get an exclusive invite and a chance to meet the staff. Yub nub!


Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.

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What about San Francisco? Back in the day I remember io9 stuff happening in the Bay Area, but I didn’t have time then to go.