William Shatner's Dance Of Death, Against An Army Of Deadly Spiders!

William Shatner. He's faced down interplantary tyrants and talked countless computers into self-destructing. But what does he do against a horde of rampaging spiders? He dances, baby, he dances! His 1977 classic Kingdom Of The Spiders is out on DVD.


In Kingdom Of The Spiders, an army of giant spiders descends on an Arizona town, killing everyone who gets in their way. Only veterinarian "Rack" Hansen (Shatner) and his sexy entomologist sidekick can address the spider disaster, with a mixture of moxie, cowboy boots and giant sideburns. Filmed with real spiders (except for one obvious prop) the film features Shatner at his most swaggering.

The DVD, from Shout Factory, features a new Shatner interview, a commentary by the director and friends, behind-the-scenes footage, and a featurette on the movie's "spider wrangler." But most of all, you get more of Shatner in a cowboy hat. Here are a couple more clips that Shout Factory released:

Here's the DVD trailer:

And here are Shatner's 10 best moments (out of so many) from the film:

[Shout Factory via Geeks Of Doom]

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Wow I can't believe they got 5,000 spiders for this movie. Poor tarantulas probably didn't see a dime.