William Shatner has a goatee, and we have entered the darkest timeline

Guys, guys! We know that the Mayans weren't actually predicting an apocalypse, just the end of one era and the beginning of a new on on 12/21/2012. Well, new revelations have come to light that may reveal what we're in for, and it doesn't look good, because HOLY @#$% WILLIAM SHATNER CURRENTLY HAS A GOATEE.


William Shatner's annual holiday YouTube message was lost in the hubbub of the holidays, but contains the disturbing proof that Shatner is currently sporting facial hair, an obvious indicator we have crossed over into the darkest of all potential timelines. Clearly, the new era the Mayans spoke of will be one of wholesale murder, wanton facial hair and people wearing gold lamé vests without anything on underneath them.

Oh, sure, it's a fake goatee, but Shatner's been wearing a toupee for decades and no one's cared. This is bad, people. So, so bad. Can anyone get a visual on Leonard Nimoy? Can we get confirmation of his facial hair status?

[Via Topless Robot]



I have so much difficulty accepting certain celebrities as getting so significantly older, particularly ones that were an integral part of my childhood media. William Shatner, Bill Murray, etc... THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE SUBJECT TO MORTAL AGING AND AILS. It was the worst thing when I saw a recent photo of Brent Spiner the other day. I don't know why, but something about seeing a celebrity you love suddenly look so, so much older than they were when you watched their material is really depressing.

At least Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep and Maggie Smith are going to remain perfect and stately and awesome forever, right?