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Cartoon Network are taking another opportunity to miss the point of their name by planning a second live-action TV movie based upon their successful Ben 10 franchise, following on from last year's record-breakingly successful Ben 10: Race Against Time movie. Unlike the first movie, however, this sequel will introduce a scary new component: teenagers.


Based upon the Ben 10: Alien Force animated series, the new movie - again directed and produced by Alex Winter, AKA Bill S Preston from the Bill and Ted movies - will pick up with the characters from Race Against Time years later, with a teenaged Ben still using his Omnitrix to turn into multiple alien superheroes and save the day, despite the onset of hormones and potential High School Musical moments.

Cartoon Network chief content officer Rob Sorcher said that the movie will be "visually brilliant," leading Winter to respond that such pressure before he'd even started work on the project was "bogus". Personally, I'm hoping that this movie does so well that we'll see a Venture Bros. live-action movie announced before too long.


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