William Jackson Harper Unpacks Some Post-Good Place Feelings in This Cute Video Interview

William Jackson Harper as Chidi.
William Jackson Harper as Chidi.
Image: NBC

It’s over. Oh, God, it’s over. As much as fans might be left at a crossroads by the news, it’s surely hard for the actors even moreso, whose lives now dramatically change as a result of not doing the show.


Which makes now a good time to check in, reflect, and think through what’s gone on. That’s what William Jackson Harper (Chidi) does in this video from Buzzfeed, wherein he goes through a fun series of questions mostly about his life and career in relationship to The Good Place. This isn’t one of those serious interviews—there aren’t any plot spoilers here—instead focusing on the fun questions. The superlatives. Like, does The Good Place cast have a group chat? And, how did Harper feel when he found out about how horny everyone was for shirtless Chidi?

I only recently watched the finale due to being way busier than I’d like, and I’m still coping with letting go of a show that has meant so much to me. Little interviews like this, that unpack the series and have fun doing so, are a nice way for me to ease myself away. It’s over. And that’s fine. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

I’ll miss Chidi’s abs, though.

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Evil Lincoln

I guess I accepted that Chidi and Eleanor were endgame when Michael showed them that video montage of highlights of their relationship before erasing his memory & Chidi promised her they would spend eternity together in the dot over the “i” in “Jeremy Bearimy”

Still processing how I feel about that not exactly being how it turned out