Will your job still exist a generation from now?

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We all currently live in a system where we get paid for our labor and exchange that payment for goods and bits of information. But what sort of economic system are we going to have in another 20 years, after more improvements in computers and robotics? Will your current job even still exist?


Top image: Robogabo/CG Hub.

Over at Mother Jones, Kevin Drum has been doing some great work on how robotics will transform our world, and hurt a lot of workers in the medium term. His prediction? By about 2040, "our robot paradise" will exist, but in the meantime "robots will take over more and more jobs," leading to a situation where capital is more powerful, and labor is more worthless. It's already happening.

But what do you think? Will robots be able to take over your job within 20 years? How different do you think the economy will look by 2030 or 2040? Do you think we'll ever actually get the post-scarcity society, or brain uploads, rendering all this moot?


Annalee Newitz

I would love to have robot colleagues. I don't think robots will take my job, but one day in the future I'm sure robots and humans will both be working side-by-side in the world of journalism. The only difference is that the robots won't have to live on ramen during the long years while they establish their careers.