Will you be having a pi party?

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Do you feel like having a once-every-thousand-year party? You only have a couple of years to set it up. Some of us will be planning 2015 Pi Parties — in some cases because we like math, and in other cases because we want an excuse to eat pie for breakfast. Let us know if you're going to be involved.


It's never too early to start promoting a big party, as one reader reminded it us. Currently some people do celebrate Pi Day on March 14th, but in a couple of years, it's going to be a once-in-a-thousand-year event. Not only is it going to be March 14th, but it's going to be in the year 2015, making the first five digits of pi - 3/14/15. When you're given the gift of a millennium, you have to go all out, and start the celebrations at 9:26:53 in the morning, taking us out to 3.141592653, or ten digits of pure celebration.

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It's a shame that they didn't have Pi Day back in 1592, when everyone would have been able to take it out to twelve digits for one glorious day of history, but we can only make the best of things now. Pi Day is usually celebrated with pies, in small groups of family and friends, but I think we should start a national drive towards city-wide Pi Raves now. You have to organize these things early. Who's planning a major Pi Day in two years. Is anyone doing it this year?

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Isn't it once every hundred years since you're ignoring the first 2 digits of the year? We can have the same celebration in 2115, which is not 1000 years away last time I checked