Will You Be Getting a Flu Vaccine This Fall?

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Flu season is just around the corner, and this year immunologists will be on the alert making sure that H1N1 swine flu doesn't get out of control. What will you do to protect yourself?


io9 pal Rene Najera, a public health worker with the state of Maryland, wrote in to ask if we could do an informal poll about how people prepare for flu season. This year, unlike those previous, you'll have the option to get two flu vaccines: The regular one, which includes antibodies for several anticipated flu strains; and one which can provide immunity against H1N1. So, for the sake of immunological research, give us your vaccine strategy.


Ryan Haupt

From what I understand vaccinations no longer contain any mercury at all. Did Rene Najera specify including that in the poll or was it supposed to be funny?