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Now that we know that Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie is getting underway, rumors about the choice of villain and plot are beginning to trickle online. Surprisingly, they don't seem entirely impossible...


According to an anonymous source to, the third movie will feature not only the Riddler as the main villain - figuring out Batman's secret identity, in a move swiped from the comics - but also cameos from other villains within Arkham Asylum, as well as appearances by Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson and mentions of Lex Luthor and Metropolis, setting up a cross-continuity with any future Superman movie.

Ignoring the fact that Barbara Gordon would be too young to be Batgirl in the movie continuity, all of this seems potentially legit, especially considering that The Dark Knight featured villain cameos, Nolan is overseeing a Superman movie reboot and the non-powered-but-mentally-troubled Riddler seems a particularly strong choice for villain. But with the outline for the story only apparently being started recently, it seems a little early for this news to be leaking, unless it's a wishlist from the producers of things they'd want to see in the movie. But stranger things have happened...


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