Will We Really See Bryan Singer's Logan's Run Remake?

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To everyone who thought that Bryan Singer's remake of camp sci-fi classic Logan's Run was entirely dead... That isn't necessarily the case. The Superman Returns director has let slip that it may still happen.

Talking to the LA Times, Singer was asked about the fate of his remake of the 1976 Michael York film about a future society that killed its citizens once they reached the age of thirty, and his answer was non-committal, but surprising:

I’m taking a few months to collect myself and figure out what I’m going to do in that regard. We did a lot of development on that movie and a lot of work. To start it up again, I wouldn’t start it up again without a full commitment. So I have decisions to make. Right now, that’s just hanging around.


The surprising part isn't that Singer would be considering returning to the project - there is a completed script written for it by his Valkyrie screenwriter Chris McQuarrie, after all - but that Singer was still involved in the project at all; in 2007, a new team were announced by Warner Bros. for the movie, including Joel Silver as producer, Children of Men's Tim Sexton as writer, with commercials director Joseph Kosinski making his feature debut... but all news on that front has been suspiciously quiet since the announcement. Does Singer's comment mean that that team is no longer involved? Will we have to wait thirty years for Logan to make it back to the big screen... and, if so, does that mean that we'll have to all be killed as soon as the credits roll?

Bryan Singer on 'Logan's Run' remake: 'I have decisions to make.' [LA Times Hero Complex]

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"....Bryan Singer's remake of camp sci-fi classic Logan's Run.."

Camp? I'm not sure Logan's Run is camp. It was a little cheesey in the SFX department, but for the pre-Star Wars '70's, it was not that bad. Classic story, good cast, all rock solid elements of B science Fiction.

Camp? hmmmm..not so much.