Will Twiki Really Be In The New Buck Rogers Movie? Also, Iron Man 2 Has Captain America Easter Eggs!

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Paul W.S. Anderson explains what to expect from his Buck Rogers movie, and Kevin Feige talks Marvel movie crossovers. Transformers 3's next Decepticon, unmasked! Stargate's alien villain is a former Heroes star. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Supernatural.

Buck Rogers:

Paul W.S. Anderson says "Maybe" when asked if Twiki will be in the new movie — which shocks me. I would assume that'd be an automatic "Bidi bidi bidi, Hell no." But maybe Anderson has a soft spot for the little penis-headed dancing robot with the voice of Mel Blanc.


Generally, though, Anderson says there'll be no lycra in this version, and even though he liked the 1979-1981 TV show, "it's not going to be that." Instead, he wants to honor the core of the character: "It's a relatable man of today who is flung into the far future." Iron Man writers Markum and Holloway "have come up with an amazing take" on Buck:

What Art and Matt do is they write very relatable characters, and I thought that was what was genius about 'Iron Man.' He was a man in a metal suit, but they made him relatable to everybody. I think that's very important with science-fiction concepts - you have to have relatable characters at the heart of them. And that is why I was very excited to work with these guys.



Kenneth Branagh talks to the L.A. Times, mostly to dispel rumors that he's running intro trouble on this movie's set. He also explains that the movie is evenly split between Asgard and Earth, and what this means:

Inspired by the comic book world both pictorially and compositionally at once, we've tried to find a way to make a virtue and a celebration of the distinction between the worlds that exist in the film but absolutely make them live in the same world. It's about finding the framing style, the color palette, finding the texture and the amount of camera movement that helps celebrate and express the differences and the distinctions in those worlds. If it succeeds, it will mark this film as different.... The combination of the primitive and the sophisticated, the ancient and the modern, I think that potentially is the exciting fusion, the exciting tension in the film.


And Marvel honcho Kevin Feige says that the crossovers between the Marvel movies will move forward dramatically, and there are a couple of surprises in Iron Man 2 that set the stage for Captain America. Adds Feige: "Now many of the pieces are in place ... with 'Iron Man 2' finished and 'Thor' more than halfway done, that lattice work is being built." [L.A. Times]

Transformers 3:

There are a couple of rumors — or are they April Fools pranks? First of all, allegedly this movie is going to be doing some filming in Gary, Indiana, the home of the Jackson family. Also, a set report claims that there's a red Ferrari Autobot and a dark navy blue Dodge Charger Decepticon — could the car that Steve McQueen made famous really be evil? [TLAMB]


The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Slashfilm got a sneak peek in the editing room at a couple of scenes from this movie. In one, the nine or ten-year-old version of Jay Baruchel's apprentice character Dave, wanders into a New York City building full of mysterious artifacts and discovers he's been picked to be Cage's apprentice. He accidentally knocks over a Chinese nesting doll, releasing Cage's nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Cage and Molina battle it out, then get trapped inside a magical urn that traps whoever opens it for ten years. Then, ten years later, Baruchel is grown up and gets cornered by a Criss Angel-esque magician wannabe, who turns out to be Molina's apprentice. [Slashfilm]


Doctor Who:

Here are some more corking season five pics. [BlogtorWho]

Here's the synopsis of "Victory Of The Daleks":

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of blitz-torn London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him, as the time-travelling adventures continue. The Daleks are back – but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?



Steven Moffat introduces "The Eleventh Hour":


John Noble says we'll see a lot more of "Walternate" after last night's episode:

In the finale you'll see an awful lot of him. Again, it's a challenge. It's the same man, but with different choices made in life. And we often talk about that on Fringe, don't we? The parallel universe is like, the choices you make will help impact the rest of your life. So Walternate is in a different profession than Walter and a far different person, and he's physically different. He's a very powerful man, Walternate. I can't really say more than that, but he is different.


[Sci Fi Wire]

Noble also promises some repaired bridges with Peter:

It's difficult having a schism between the two characters, because they enjoy each other so much, and it's quite strange not having Peter there as Walter's best friend. Since we've been picked up for Season 3, obviously we're not going to let that relationship go away. We will be repairing that schism during the course of the next few episodes.


But is the schism going to be repaired before Peter learns the truth, or after? [TV Guide Magazine]

Here are some promo pics for episode 2x16, "White Tulip." [SpoilerTV]

Former Alias/Lost writers and Brothers And Sisters showrunners Monica Breen and Alison Schapker are joining this show as producers. [TV Guide]



Here's what happens in the April 22 episode, "Hammer Of The Gods":

LUCIFER (MARK PELLEGRINO, "LOST") RETURNS - Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star Rekha Sharma), Ganesh (guest star Keith Blackman Dallas) and Baldur (guest star Adam Croasdell) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star Richard Speight, Jr.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer appears.



Stargate Universe:

Some casting news for season two. Simeon, a member of the Lucian Alliance whom we previewed a while ago, will be played by Robert Knepper, aka Samuel the carny from Heroes. Another member of the Alliance, Ginn, will be played by Supernatural's Julie McNiven. [Stargate-SG1-Solutions]


Here's the synopsis for episode 12, "Faith":

Destiny stops near an uncharted star orbited by one planet, this time without activating the countdown clock. Lt. Scott leads a small team to the planet's surface, where the explorers are amazed to find an abundance of food, water and sunshine.


[TV Guide]

And here's a sneak peek from tonight's episode:
Click to view

Ming-Na says she almost didn't accept the role of Camille Wray because it seemed too light a part. But then she found out that changes coming up:

It was only after Robert told me where they want to take her, and how they were going to do it that I was really intrigued. It's sort of like a slow reveal of who she is and she kind of sneaks up on you and surprises you. Especially in the second half [of the season] where she really takes on more a leadership role. It's still a large ensemble, so I like how the cast gets a little bit rotated so that the focus changes, like a good novel or anything where you want to kind of have moments where you don't see one character and then they come back.


[Pop Culture Zoo]

Elyse Levesque says something huge is coming up for Chloe:

There's a pretty monumental thing that happens to the character that carries throughout the remainder of the season and into part of what we're about to start shooting. I can't give too much away, but for me it's been a really fun thing to be able to play and I think the fans are going to eat it up.




Some promo pics for episode 16, "Let No Man Put Asunder." [SpoilerTV]


Here's the synopsis for the Max Lord episode, "Charade":

DC COMICS' CHARACTER MAXWELL LORD VISITS METROPOLIS - Lois (Erica Durance) investigates the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks (guest star Dylan Neal) but he threatens her with a gun when confronted. The Blur (Tom Welling) saves her, but is captured on film by a delivery guy (guest star Dustin Schwartz) who plans to sell the photo to Sacks. Lois and Clark each attempt to thwart the delivery of the photo and run into Maxwell Lord (guest star Gil Bellows, "Ally McBeal"), a wealthy tycoon and Checkmate operative, who is trying to learn The Blur's identity to eliminate him. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) discovers Zod's (Callum Blue) secret.


[Smallville Buzz]

Here are some pics of the Metallo comeback episode, "Upgrade." [Smallville Buzz]



Here's the Canadian promo for next Monday's "Chuck Vs. The Other Guy," complete with demented Canuck voiceover. [ChuckTV]


Cuse and Lindelof says Losties in the "flash sideways" will start intersecting more and more. Desmond will once again change our understanding of the rules a lot when he shows up next week. An episode coming up in a couple of weeks will have an explosion in every act, like boom boom boom. And we should be wondering about what's keeping Smokey from just leaving the island. [TV Guide]


OMG Spoilerz! Someone witnessed filming of a scene from the finale, on the same cliff where Sawyer and Flocke swung down to the cave with the names in it. The stand-ins for Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley and Ben were there — and it sounds like these might be the last survivors of the show. [SpoilersLost]

Also in the finale, sources say that L.A.-verse Sawyer runs into Juliet in the hospital. They don't recognize each other at first... but then their memories of the island start to bleed over and they start to remember each other. They kiss, and it's very emotional and satisfying. Usual caveats about anonymous sources apply here, of course - a million grains of salt. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.

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Ok, question about Stargate Universe in a spoiler-ok place. I watched a couple of episodes yesterday but I wasn't paying very close attention (being more interested in my organic chemistry paper) so maybe I missed the answer I'm looking for. What is so important about the ship Destiny? The intro has Rush talking about it as "the most important discovery since the Stargate itself" and they keep going on about how the IOA still really wants to send a team there since it's so darn important. Why? It's hundreds of thousands of years old and it's old-school Ancient tech. Don't they have the much more recent (only ten thousand years old) and advanced Atlantis floating around in the San Francisco bay? Besides being in a new part of the universe, what's the big deal?

Also, does anyone else occasionally get the feeling that some of the scenes were written by people who really liked BSG but don't really understand what made it good.