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Will Timeshifting Save Terminator and Dollhouse?

Illustration for article titled Will Timeshifting Save Terminator and Dollhouse?

The numbers are in, and based upon the first week's results, it looks like DVR audiences may be enough to keep both Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles from cancellation after all.


Of course, with only the first week's data available, it may be a little too early to celebrate, but there's no doubting that both shows made significant gains in audience once timeshifted audiences are factored in; Dollhouse's pilot gained an additional 30% of viewers - taking its 18-49 demo share to an impressive 2.6 in the process - but the real news was the spectacular 36% rise in the Terminator audience - high above the average for a timeshifted raise, even on Friday nights; Terminator was, in fact, the show with the highest gain from timeshifting for that week. Unless something significantly changes when the following weeks' data comes through, that kind of rise alone may be enough to take it off the "sure to die" list.

'Dollhouse,' 'Terminator' get DVR boost [Hollywood Reporter]

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I wonder what the audience is once bittorrent'd episodes are taken into account? Obviously it doesn't do anything for advertising as the ads are all removed, but I bet there's a fair whack of people downloading.

On Saturday mornings the first thing I do is start up the PC and download the latest HD eps of BSG, Dollhouse & SCC.

Although that does mean when the eps are aired on Sky here in the UK I don't bother watching them. I'm sure many people are the same.