Will This Clip Change The Way You Feel About Avatar?

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Check out this inspirational new clip from Avatar. This is the first time we're seeing the realism seep in through the CG world, especially when Jake's Avatar is plunged into the wild rivers in Pandora. But what do you think?


IGN's new clip shows a vicious chase scene from Avatar as Jake flees from a Thanator, the alien world's alien predator. It could recharge your enthusiasm for James Cameron's alien epic, a little bit — with its murky waters and muffled sound, it feels spectacularly real. What do you think? Vote below.

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Avatar Movie Clip - Thanador Chase


And here are a few new Avatar international posters.

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Chris Braak

Come on, man, how long does this scene go on?

A five-minute scene with an alien water-tentacle is one thing—no one had ever seen anything like that before.

He's really taking all this time to show off an incremental increase in CGI quality?

Also: isn't there supposed to be a movie in here somewhere?