Will there ever be any more Timecop?

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Timecop is one of those movies that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Everybody talks about a Robocop remake, but not a Timecop remake. But maybe Timecop is an idea whose time has come.


We were interviewing Mark Verheiden, the showrunner of Falling Skies, about the new show. (We'll be posting that interview closer to the show's June 19 start date.) But we couldn't help asking him about Timecop, which Verheiden co-wrote based on his original comic book series. Here's what Verheiden told us:

I would love there to be another Timecop movie. I have talked with [co-writer] Mike Richardson occasionally about that. I believe there is a lot of room to do many stories with that. [But] if there's anything in the works right now? I don't think so. If there is, it's not with me. But I think that would be really fun to revisit that. And it's nice that people like [Timecop]. It's funny. It's just funny to see the positive reviews now, because they weren't as positive when it came out. [Laughs]


And we mentioned that we just recently watched Timecop 2, and it had its moments. To which Verheiden said: "You've seen more of it than I have."

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Have we really run out of stories to tell?

Anyway, I was just thinking about series that mess with time.

The Time Tunnel

Timeslip (disturbing time series from my youth 40 years ago. Google it.)

Quantum Leap

Dr Who

Timecop..the series

Time Trax

Star Trek


Tom's Midnight Garden

Lost in Austen...well worth a look.


I know there were a few American ones. Could someone add to this? (My evening Manhattan is addling my brain.)