Will There Be An Incredible Hulk 2?

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The villains may be ready to return, but will there really be a sequel to last year's Incredible Hulk to return to? We looked past the eager bad guys, and asked Marvel Studios.


We already knew that Tim Blake Nelson - who finished The Incredible Hulk with a jolt of gamma-irradiated blood preparing to turn him into the Leader - was eager to return for a sequel to the Louis Letterier reboot, but now Scifi Wire is reporting that Tim Roth wants to revisit his Abomination as well:

Yeah, they've got me for three [Hulk movies...] I liked working with Louis very much, so if he's up to anything, I'll probably jump in with him.

But is there actually another Hulk movie being planned? Sci Fi Wire reports that "[a] script for a sequel is still in the works," but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said back in October that the studio wasn't planning a sequel anytime soon. We checked with Marvel Studios, and according to a spokesperson:

Of course Marvel is always open to looking at ways to work with The Incredible Hulk, but there is currently no script in development.

So, for now, the Tims will have to wait for another chance to turn green.

Tim Roth is signed for more Hulk films; after all, the Abomination lived! [Scifi Wire]




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