Will the US Government Finally Admit There Are Aliens?

A whole batch of videos are circulating on YouTube from NASA - they show UFOs zooming around the space shuttle and space station. Is this the beginning of the alien renaissance?


Real UFOs, the blog whose title says it all, has uncovered a treasure trove of videos from NASA which include UFOs. You can see one right here, and there are at least a dozen more on Martyn Stubbs' YouTube channel. While you ponder that, just remember that the UFO lobby working in Washington thinks that the Obama Administration is the most likely to admit to the alien coverup. The New York Times recently profiled a DC lobbyist whose entire job is trying to get government officials to admit alien technologies exist that could rescue the environment.

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Insert Austin Powers quote here.

That's pretty exciting, though. I've come to realize that they only way I'll see long distance space travel in my lifetime is if others come to us.

However, that's only if that the video is in fact showing a UFO.