Will The Surrogates Be The Next Blade Runner?

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Surrogates, the Bruce Willis cyber-avatar movie coming next fall, is "cool and sort of Blade Runner-ish," says producer Elizabeth Banks, star of Zack and Miri Make A Porno. And the tale of a future where people stay home and their robot "surrogates" go out into the world could actually turn into a trilogy. Graphic novel writer Robert Vendetti is working on a prequel comic, almost done, and hopes to write a sequel as well. But Banks says she's taking it one movie at a time. Also, co-star Elizabeth Mitchell dropped a few details about the film's plot. Mitchell plays the wife of Willis' police detective in the movie. And she also plays her character's robot surrogate, who goes out into the world to interact with people. And, in an interesting twist, it sounds like Mitchell's surrogate gets hacked — so the robot version is under the control of various other people. "I get to be different people," says Mitchell. "It's an interesting concept." Also, your surrogate doesn't have to look like the real you, says Mitchell. It can be more beautiful, it can be a different gender, and presumably it doesn't even have to be human. And if your surrogate dies out in the real world, all that happens to you is that you need to buy a new surrogate. [MTV]


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Chris Braak

I feel like there was a book that had a similar premise to this. Wasn't the surrogate thing also an important component of Noir?

(Which, while an interesting book that was chock full of ideas, kind of didn't make any sense.)