One of the major bright spots of Star Wars in the past decade has been the consistently excellent comics published by Dark Horse. From the Old Republic era to the far-future Legacy storylines, Dark Horse has consistently made the Star Wars comics better than they had any right to be. (With maybe the exception of the Dawn of the Jedi comic, which baffled me a bit.)

But that era could be coming to an end soon. Not surprisingly, there are rumors that now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, they want to bring the Star Wars comics in-house — taking the contract away from Dark Horse and giving it to Marvel instead. Marvel, of course, published the first ever Star Wars comics back in the day, and they were sort of fun, featuring some great work by Archie Goodwin. But Marvel's track record with licensed properties in more recent years has been pretty rocky, including some seriously forgettable Star Trek comics in the 1990s. Does anybody really think Marvel's Star Wars comics would be as good as Dark Horse's have been? Or would these just be a sad afterthought at the House of Ideas?


On the plus side, maybe we'd get the Star Wars version of that infamous Star Trek/X-Men crossover.

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